Sababu Progress

Have you ever been in a situation where everything exceeded your expectations? this was the case with Sababu today. Now, I must admit that my expectations were pretty low. Starting a business in the developing world is a huge challenge. It is hard to imagine finding experts in the field, an adequate facility, or great tools. But in this case, God provided amazingly.

Turning off of the narrow potholed dirt roads, the gate of a facility surrounded by ten foot walls opened. Within was a well ordered building with a five car carport. The paint was fresh, the doors were new and the Sababu logo hung proudle in the courtyard

In the courtyard, we met Immanuel, the production manager, and Martin - a recent immigrant from Madagascar who was a former textile professor with 20 years of industry experience! These two, along with one other were the vibrant Christians who ran the business. The shop itself was clean and well lit. The machinery was up to date. The people were friendly and kind. The finished shirts felt great! The quality was excellent.

I'd recommend the shirts as a high- end undershirt or as a T-Shirt or as a base product for silkscreening great designs for any function you may have. Great idea for Christmas too! Oh, and every shirt has a handwritten code, called a TWEDEL number. When you punch this code on their Internet site, you can pull up the names, faces and stories of the Malians who worked on your shirt! It connects you very quickly with the people whose lives are being changed by this business/ministry.

During the day, they have a break for the devotion time. I did today's devotion about Thomas, and the resurrection. Afterward, they sang to us and we had David Potter lead us in singing back. Even though many of them are Muslims, they all sang the songs of praise to Jesus.

Keep on praying for Sababu. Pray that it will become profitable, so that much good can be done. Pray for Bible Studies to start and for many to come to faith becuse of this great work. Pray for dusty and Julia as they transition back to Omaha and lead the marketing end from here.

This little company could make a big impact. Let's pray that it does.