Mali- first divine intervention

So, we are sitting in O'Hare airport, already blessed by God's oversight.

Lynne, our team leader, called a last minute audible. " Come to the airport 30 minutes early. We need to do some repacking.". When we got there, we found out that our flight was delayed 45 minutes... Then 90 minutes. When Lynn told the United Airlines rep that we would be close to missing our international connecting flight, she suggested we hop on an earlier flight.

Our team scrambled to get our stuff together, as did an excellent United Airlines staff. When we got to O'Hare, we looked up on the board, and saw that our original flight was no longer delayed... But CANCELED!

If we had not gotten there early, if not for sharp UA employees, we would have been delayed an entire day...and that would become complicated.

Thank you God, for knowing the future and even overseeing little things like travel times!

Pray for our team members this week. David Potter will be leading worship. Lynne Holt is our team leader. Kelle Ashton, Caysie Ashton, Andrea Owen, Andrea Carlson,and Callie Duch will be doing kids ministry. I will be doing Hospital dedication, and doing Bible teaching for Malians and missionaries.