What would you say the worst sin is?

It's a question that haunts everyone somehow. Whether or not someone reading this would ever even dream about doing something as horrific as murder or terrorism, we all seem to share a collective hunch that some things are just beyond human dignity. We keep those awful things way over in the margins of our experience - maybe only now and then watching a gritty movie like Se7en. I certainly hope that a movie is as close as I get to some forms of darkness.

But what is at the root of this thing we call sin? Just because we can name 7 things we'd never intentionally plunge ourselves into are we off the hook? Turns out all sin is deadly regardless the degree of damage it does or the social stigma it costs the offender. Sin could be something we'd better stop pretending we don't all have a problem with or we'll be in big trouble.

Come join us for the next few weeks at Gathering where we'll talk about the Seven Deadly Sins, where that list came from and more importantly, why we'd better have a bigger view of sin than that! Here are a few questions we'll take aim at throughout the series:

  1. Why did the early church gravitate to this list of seven?
  2. Has the church ever distorted the bible's message about mankind's moral need?
  3. What happens when people try to help God decide who and how he'll forgive a repentant soul?
  4. Is there in fact a mortal sin? Where does the bible mention it? Exactly what is it?
  5. How are people supposed to live with the tension of being forgiven by God, but still prone to screw up?
  6. How does God finally settle the question of what sin is and what punishment it deserves?
  7. What do Christians mean by grace and forgiveness and why do we struggle to live it out?

I'll be starting the series this Sunday with our first talk on the history behind "The Seven Deadly Sins". Come on out and bring your thoughts, questions and doubts. Gathering is a great place to catch a great $5 lunch, meet other spiritually interested minds and have a stimulating conversation about stuff that matters.


Sunday's at 12:30

Christ Community Church Student Center