Wearing The Face of a Friend

In the Authentic Manhood study, Robert Lewis discussed the various “faces” (that of a king, warrior, lover and friend) a man display’s as he lives authentically. The face of a “friend” stool out to me the most at that time. This face is best displayed and experienced when a man is “friend worthy.” Sometimes we may lack the friendships that are life giving because we conduct ourselves in a manner that is unworthy of friendship. What a challenge before us to live in such a way of being worthy of friendship.

As I look at the different men’s groups that meet during the week, I’m amazed at the diversity of age and experience present. There are very few opportunities like this where the life seasoned men (nice way of saying old) are with the younger men. These groups provide a platform for those wearing the face of a friend to bridge the gap between generations. Seasoned guys, these young guys are the future of the church. They will carry the banner behind you and they need your friendship to prepare them for that task. If you haven’t done so already, walk across the room this week in your group and talk to one of the guys “who isn’t like you.” Who knows, this simple little act may lead to a friendship that keep the impact of the church strong in the generation to come.

UncategorizedReid Brown