Please pray for Chinese college students

This last week I was able to spend nearly a week in China. I am going to keep the details of my trip private for security reasons, but I did want to share one very moving and important aspect of my trip.

Pastor Tim Perry and I had a chance to spend about 2 hours with 7 Chinese university students, 2 of which were Christians. The setting was a coffee shop on their campus and it was intended to be a discussion, in English, about our two different cultures. The discussion migrated quickly to Christianity and we got to share, in detail, the gospel with these students. We were able to share in detail how Jesus is different that other religions, how salvation is by faith and not by works, and how God is working in America, China, and other parts of the world.

These students are like a blank sheet of paper. They came with no preconceived notions about Christianity. One girl named Eve said in the discussion, "When I grew up nobody told me about God so I know nothing about him." Another girls named Greta said, "I have considered Christianity, but I cannot understand why babies who are born are sinners."

We were able to explain to them that of all the religions out there, Christians are the only one with a Savior who is alive and who claimed to be God himself. This was quite a surprise to them.

If you are reading this, please stop what you are doing for about 1 minute and just pray specifically for Eve, Greta, and the three other students who heard the gospel. Several of them seemed quite close to trusting in Jesus. Pray also for the two college students who are already Christians, that they would be able to follow-up with their friends and lead them to Christ.

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