10-10-10 Results

WOW! What a morning!

For weeks/months, we have been ramping up to a celebration of God that would be the commencement of a vision to impact Omaha and certain parts of the world for the kingdom of God. Sunday was a fantastic celebration.

The music was exhilarating, the truth of it honored God. The stories of doubling your impact and the miracles of God touched the heart. For me, though, the best part was the procession of people bringing their sacrifical gifts. This was a moment truly pleasing to God. As hundreds of families, couples and singles filed by - dropping their cards in the silver bowls - I could not help but reflect:

Each of those people is designed in the image of God, redeemed by his love, forgiven and changed. Each one is on a spiritual adventure. Each one was sacrificing something they love for something they love even more. Each one is, even by their pledge, being transformed by the power of God. Each one has a story, has recieved a touch from God, has a past and a future.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our God, whose generosity is unmatched, and for the people of CCC who respond in generosity to God's initiative in their lives. It was a Sunday to never forget!

Now I know that many of you are hoping for an announcement of the totals! The truth is, we are still getting it figured out. There were many gifts that were in-kind, stock gifts, jewelry, etc. that need to be appraised. There are still dozens of people (maybe hundreds) who were not there on Sunday and will turn in cards the next 2 weeks or so.

Because we are still in process, we will wait to announce the 'first fruits' offering until this Sunday, October 17. And we think that by October 31, we will know the total commitments and be able to make a strong announcement at that time. In the mean time, please refrain from harrassing or bribing our finance people :) . They are doing their best to get the work done...and to keep a secret.

In the mean time, let's praise God for his faithfulness and love for us! When we commit, he is faithful!