quick prayer for the Suttons

Norman & Vickie Sutton are CCC missionaries in Guatemala working to enrich the lives of children in an orphanage. The last few months Vickie has had a number of health problems that she cannot seem to shake. Read the contents of their latest email below and please spend a few minutes in focused prayer for the Suttons after you are done reading.

Dear Friends,

Life in Guatemala continues to be unpredictable. Vickie has been struggling with intestinal issues for the last month. They took a turn for the worse on Wednesday so Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 we headed to Guatemala City to see a doctor. We were planning on going to the emergency room that night but the roads were so bad that it took us 3 hours to get to Quiche which is only 25 miles on a dirt, or should we say, mud, road from San Andres.
Since it was dark, and still raining, and there were rumors of many mudslides happening, we decided to stay in Quiche for the night. We made it to Guatemala City today in 5 hours instead of the usual 3.
Vickie was able to get in to see a doctor in the afternoon. He is running some tests and the results should be back tomorrow. Originally we were planning on driving to the city today and leaving for Belize tomorrow to renew our visa. We are postponing our trip to Belize now until Saturday so that we can get the test results back before we go. Please pray that they figure out what the problem is and that Vickie can start on treatment tomorrow.
Thanks so much for your prayers and support.
In Him,

Norman and Vickie Sutton


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