The Cloud of Confusion

Being a man today is more confusing than ever. Have you ever tried to answer the question, “What is a man?” There are physical aspects that determine maleness, but shouldn’t being a man go beyond biology?

The message last Friday in the Quest for Authentic Manhood emphasized the confusing condition that plagues men around this very question. An unrelenting cloud seems to obscure a definition and plan for what it means to be a man. During our discussion time Friday, some of the guys expressed the overwhelming challenge of fathering their sons in a manner that equips them to become men.

Men are adept at problem solving and dig into this problem with great determination; but without connecting with the right person, their efforts are empty. The basis for living out an authentic manhood begins with the person of Jesus. In John 10:10, Jesus reminds us that he came so that we may have life and that it would be to its fullest. Learning who we are meant to be as men and living out of that purpose comes from a relationship with Jesus. Have you connected with the right person to begin the quest for authentic manhood?

Connecting with Jesus is the first step. Click on this link to view a brief video clip of Pastor Mark Ashton explaining how to connect with Jesus.