Spotlight on China

This last Tuesday night we had a Double-Your-Impact (DYI) spotlight event on what CCC hopes to be doing in China over the next several years. Rick Mann, the President of Crown College and a former missionary to China, came and shared a little about the history of religious freedom in China and where China stands today.

The changes in China over the last 30 years have been nothing short of a miracle!

Let me share a couple of things that Rick said during his time that really stood out to me.

First, Rick said that today you can walk down the street in a large city like Beijing and find Christian book stores with Christian books and Bibles. In fact, one of the largest Christian publishers in the world is in China. Wow, I had no idea! I take this as a really positive sign that in deed China is becoming more and more open to Christianity.

Another thing Rick said that was amazing is that there are estimates of 80 to 100 million born-again followers of Jesus in China. Do you realize that this means China has more believers than America? This makes it even more urgent that CCC get involved in China to help train and develop Christian leaders.

In my next blog I will outline in some detail what we hope to do in China through the DYI vision. Stay tuned.

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