Malians reached for Christ through animal inoculations

These past few weeks CCC sent a small team of 5 men, including one Veterinarian, to inoculate cattle, goats, and sheep for farmers in Mali. The result - over 400 people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time and there are new Malians in the Kingdom as a result.

Ok, here is how this worked. There is a C&MA Malian Pastor out in the bush (that's the term that means out in the farm country where there is no electricity, running water, and the people live in mud huts) named Pastor George. George moved into an area unreached for Christ a few years ago where there were no Believers, but now he has a church of around 140 people. This is difficult work for George as over 90% of the people in Mali are Muslim and he must win them to Christ in an environment where there is great pressure to not follow Christ.

For 3 days our CCC team went with George into the bush where a cattle corral had been built with a cattle chute. The word was out that an American team was here to give their animals medicine, so hundreds of men, women, and children brought their cattle, goats, and sheep. These animals are their most important possession and they were excited to have medicine for them. Over three days the team inoculated 4,000 cattle and 1,600 sheep and goats.

Then on two of the evenings, after dark, Pastor George and the CCC team went back to the village and showed the Jesus film and shared the gospel. Hundreds showed up each night and were glad to watch a movie and hear about Jesus.

Because of the difficulty of publicly stepping forward to receive Christ, what George did is tell people if they want to know more about Jesus they can just stop by his home, since they all know where he lives. Yet the second night 4 young men came forward anyway to receive Christ! Only God knows at this point how many will come to follow Christ, but over the next few weeks George expects that many people will stop by to see him.

Be praying for these new Believers who have chosen to follow Jesus in a tough environment. Pray also for those who are considering Jesus, that they would have supernatural courage to place their lives in His hands.

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