Ever felt like you almost believed something - but not quite?

Wanting to get word out about our next Gathering series that starts this upcoming Sunday. We've recently been exploring reasons why people aren't quite convinced Christianity is for them.

For many, Christianity is plausible, but not convincing. People ofen don't have an anti-Christian attitude about belief. They don't hate God or Christians. They may in fact even want to believe it, but feel they can't make belief work.

During the next couple of months we'll be exploring some of these kinds of barriers. Week one we'll deal with the Bible and why difficulties understanding and trusting it's reliability and authority cut people off from confident belief. Week Two we'll consider what is at the heart of Christianity's relationship to other faiths. Why is it that Christianity has an exclusive claim on the way to God. Does it really have to be that way? If Christianity were just open to other faiths, wouldn't it make it more attractive. Exclusivism is such a turn off.

We'll be taking a break from Gathering on August 22nd and will return for a third important barrier. Maybe, more people would give themselves to Christianity if it could really deal with the suffering they are experiencing.

Come on out to Gathering. Bring your questions and bring a friend with you. Hope we can serve you through this important conversation.

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