Reveal Results

Hey Everybody-

A BIG thanks to everyone who took the REVEAL survey in June. The results came in last week, and we wanted to share the most important details with you. Of 140 pages of data, we have summarized the most important things that are measured to share with you. When you fill out these surveys, the results are taken seriously and your opinion matters! You can see the statistical summary of the past three years below, with some explanations on measurement below.

Reveal Results Summary


Measurement 2008 2009 2010
#1 Total Score 67 71 78
#2 Lead Pastor Effectiveness n/a 73 78
#3 Preaching Effectiveness n/a 5.03 5.1
#4 Percentage "Stalled" 25% 12% 10%
#5 Percentage "Dissastisfied" 28% 22% 18%
#6 Percentage "Leaving" 18% 13% 11%
#7 Spiritual Conversations 24% 25% 25%
#8 Bible In Depth 4.2 4.3 4.7
#9 Satisfied - Sunday Svcs. 55% 63% 71%
Satisfied - Journey Grp. 48% 56% 62%
Satisfied - Serving @ Church 56% 47% 53%
Satisfied - Serve outside church 38% 41% 52%
#10 Church Role in Spiritual Growth n/a 46% 54%

*1 - This is the ultimate measurement of overall church health. It is a conglomeration of all of the scores on the survey. A score of 67 put us in the 45th percentile of all of the thousands of churches surveyed. 71 put us in the 54th percentile. 78 places us currently in the 80th percentile.

*2 - The measure of satisfaction in the Lead pastor reflects those who indicated that they were "Very Satisfied" or "Extremely Satisfied". (Others might mark Satisfied, Somewhat Satisfied, Somewhat Dissatisfied or Dissatisfied.)

*3 - This measure reflects an average of four key measures of preaching effectiveness. A 4 = Satisfied, 5 = Very Satisfied and 6 = Extremely Satisfied.

*4 - Those who are "Stalled" consider themselves to be personally spiritually stalled. They may or may not be dissatisfied with the church.

*5 - Those who are "Dissatisfied" are dissatisfied with the role of the church in their spiritual journey. It includes those who are "Dissastisfied", "Somewhat Dissatisfied" and "Somewhat Satisfied". They may or may not be stalled.

*6 - This measure reflects those who are "Definitely", "Probably" or "Unsure" if they are leaving the church. Their reasons range from being dissatisfied with the church to moving out of town.

*7 - This measure is perhaps the most disappointing to the leadership of the church. Only one in four people at CCC have a spiritual conversation with a non-Christian 6 or more times per year.

*8 - This indicates overall satisfaction that the Bible is Taught in depth. Once again, "Satisfied" = 4, "Very Satisfied" = 5, "Extremely Satisfied" = 6.

*9-10 - Each of these is the percentage of people who are "Very Satisfied" or "Extremely Satisfied".

Beyond these 'most important measures', leadership teams look at any other qualitative factors that have notable progress or decline. In this year's survey, there was notable growth in the spiritual disciplines of solitude and stewardship. There was not notable decline in any area. Thanks again to those who took the survey!