ESL Team Update (Middle East)

by Bob (team leader)

I can't believe our first team is just a few days from finishing our part of the trip. The time has just flown by, but each day has brought new ways of seeing God work in both our lives and in the lives of the students. We had asked God to give us connections with the students. That is happening -- maybe not always in the way we expected -- but God is honoring those requests. And he is helping us in our teaching.

The curriculum for the advanced classes is very spiritually based and almost every class leads to the focal point of Jesus. In addition, a lot of cross-cultural learning is taking place.

Two days ago, the 2nd Circle Church broadcast the World Cup Soccer Finals. Spain, which was the crowd favorite, won. There was a large crowd and one of my students also attended with me. We talked and he asked me a number of questions about where I was staying and who paid for the trip. I explained that we either paid for it ourselves or asked our friends to donate money. He was surprised because he thought the people at the Center paid for us. Then he asked why I came to teach. I was able to explain that I came for two reasons -- to help him learn English and to be a representative of Jesus. These informal conversations happen all the time and provide great opportunities to share our faith.

It will be hard to leave. The more we are here, the dearer the people become. "May the Book of Life never close 'til the whole world knows...".