Religion creates just more religious people

A few weeks ago I came across an article in The Christian Post about Brian Bloye of West Ridge Church in Dallas, TX. Rev. Bloye said recently. "Religion never creates true fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. All it does is create more religious people.

And a lot of times, it creates "ugly religious people," he said.

In 1987, Bloye made a decision – not a salvation decision because he already had that down – but a decision that involved total commitment and one that not many Christians have made.

"What God really wants from us is total commitment," he stressed. That means, giving God everything, holding nothing back and not playing the game.

"For someone who's been a believer for 32 years, I have found that not being totally committed just doesn't work."

While the phrase "total commitment" may conjure up an image of a serious Christian who doesn't have fun and is "robbed" of everything that's out in the world, Bloye encouraged his congregation to look at it a different way.

Total commitment is the "smartest, most reasonable thing you can do in light of what God has done for us," he said. Total commitment is "a channel through which God's best and biggest blessings flow."

And the motivation is the mercy of God, His grace and love, and gratitude, rather than fear.

"God doesn't want your church attendance, your money, your Bible time, ... your religious list," he said. "What He wants is you. That's all God wants from you."

That is what we here at CCC are asking when we challenge you to be a R.I.S.K.S. disciple. One who is totally sold out and committed to Christ. Not just publicly and on Sundays, but privately and 24-7.