CCC Missions Catalog

One of my favorite things that we do in missions here at CCC is the Missions Catalog. It's just such an easy way for any of us to show the love of Jesus in a very tangible way in the life of somebody half-way around the world that we will likely never meet.

• For just $35 you can help provide musical instruments to children in an orphanage in Guatemala.

• For just $50 you can help buy supplies for a bakery in a very difficult country in Central Asia that uses this bakery to reach destitute women.

• For just $200 you can help purchase a bed for a mother and her new baby to sleep in the Hospital for Women and Children in Mali.

• For just $100 you can help provide clothes, shoes, bedding, and other simply provisions for orphans.

The total amount needed for this catalog to fund everything is around $30,000 and we are already over 1/3 of the way there after just the first week.

So if you have not given anything yet, please pickup a catalog on Sunday and see where God might use you.