How does God engage our hearts?

Last week we finished up another Global Summit at CCC and as I reflect back on all the time and energy that went into the Global Summit, the thought came into my mind, "why?"

Why do we have a Global Summit every year? Why do we invite a bunch of missionaries to come tell their stories and interact with our children? Is it just to inform us about how they are doing in their jobs? Do we have the Global Summit just because that's what has always been done and we need to check it off the list?

I believe the answer comes in a statement I have heard Bob Fetherlin, Vice President of International Ministries for the C&MA, say many times. "What we see with our eyes and touch with our hands - that's what will engage our hearts."

Its one thing to read in the HUB a story about the hospital in Mali. It's quite another to have one of the actual doctors come show us pictures and tell us stories of real life and real death and real people choosing to follow Jesus through the work at the hospital.

Its one thing to know that there are millions of people in Africa with AIDS, but its quite another to hear from a nurse in Mali who works directly with women who contract AIDS from their husbands but then get kicked out of the home because they are infected.

Its one thing to hear on the news that the government in a Central Asian country is cracking down on Christians, but it's quite another to talk in person with a worker who lives there each day and knows their very life is in danger.

Its one thing to hear that there are community centers in the Middle East that are effectively reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but its quite another to have the missionary who lives there show you pictures and tell you real life stories.

So the Global Summit is about God engaging our hearts. It's about more than just knowing what is going on around the world - it’s about caring. And when we care, we act! When we care, we give. When we care, we pray. When we care, we go.

My prayer is that God has engaged the hearts of many children and adults at CCC over these last few weeks, and that the result will be increased Kingdom impact.