Global Summit: Calling all MEN!

Men of CCC! Please do not miss this session that has been created just for you during this weekends Global Summit.

And you young guys out there don't think this is just for men over 40 who have nothing better to do with their time. This is for men of all ages, especially those under 40.

On Sunday morning, during both the 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM services, men will be gathering in the Chapel for an opportunity to here from some unique people.

To start, Curt Hofer will host an inspiring panel of men who will share their experiences involving the most important decisions of their lives. What a great chance to come hear from some men who have made some good decisions and some bad decisions, some Godly decisions and some un-Godly decisions.

During the 9:00 hour, the panel will consist of Mike Bliss, Jerry Busselman, Mark Bristol, Greg Gaggini, and Terry Frolio. During the 10:45 hour, the panel will consist of Doug Pedersen, Clark Osborn, Jason Hackel, Dave Pugh, and Mike Kelleher.

For the last part of this hour, you will get to hear from C&MA Vice President of International Ministries, Mr. Bob Fetherlin. Bob will be inspiring you as men to get involved with your hands and your feet. As Bob likes to say, "What you see with your eyes and touch with your hands will capture your hearts."

Bob is not some old missionary guy who is dry and boring to listen too. He has a tremendous understanding of the emerging generation of Believers and how important it is tap into their passion and potential.

Men - please take the extra time this Sunday to come hear from all of these men.