Hypocrisy Sensitivity Test...

Give this a try sometime. We used it at Gathering last week as an on-ramp to our discussion about Christian Hypocrisy. See where you land. Do you notice a pattern in your selections? What do you think of the charge that all Christians are hypocrites of some form or another? Would you consider yourself one?

Which do you consider the worse of the two options in each pair of options below:

a) Someone who tells a small lie on a daily basis.

b) Failing to tell the truth when it will just cause more trouble.


a) A person who judges others for watching any R-rated movie.

b) A person who watches R-rated movies.


a) A politician who changes his position on an issue once in office.

b) A pastor who changes his view on a significant theological issue.


a) A parent who swears when he loses his temper, but punishes his teenager for doing so.

b) Driving over the speed limit with kids in the car while late to church.


a) Looking at inappropriate material on the internet.

b) Quietly lusting after someone with no one else finding out.


a) Wealthy Christians who don’t tithe.

b) Mature Christians who never share their faith.


a) A Christian who won’t reconcile with an estranged spouse and pushes for a divorce.

b) A person concludes God could never forgive him for what he’s done and stops attending church.