No Complaining or Arguing

OK, so here we are, starting the challenge of no-complaining-or-arguing. We are going to try to do it for 21 days (as that is how long it takes to develop a habit.) And hopefully, we can do 21 days in a row before 35 days is up.

Why? Well it comes straight from Philippians 2:14 - "Do Everything without complaining or arguing." Most followers of Christ don't take this command seriously, but I/we are going to try for the next month.

Can you imagine a complaint free world? Church? Family? Wow! I want that! So, I am starting with myself. If you want to see the message that supports this idea, watch Love, Live, Give part 2 from May 23. The last 20 minutes give the explicit challenge to you. We are also all wearing orange rubberbands for 35 days to remind us of our commitment and snapping it when we screw up to remind us of the pain we cause by complaining.

Well, so far, I have not complained, nor have I argued. I actually tried to train myself for a few days last week and had some bumpy days through the week. That way, I was 'preconditioned' for a Sunday start.

The difference is not dramatic so far in my internal world. I really have never been much of a complainer and my life is so blessed that I really don't have much to complain about. So the low temptation level, plus my training have served me well! We'll see how I do tonight when I 'get' to pay my bills. :)

The dramatic change already is within my family. It is amazing how much low-grade bickering, sarcasm, and complaints just reign in family systems. One day of bringing the issue to the forefront - in a fun orange rubberband kind of way - is great for the simple fact of awareness. We complain so much!

It has been fun to define 'complaining' as well. After one comment fromone kid "He's so annoying!", we had to bring up that this is complaining! The defensive kid said, "That's not a's just a fact." After arguing about the matter, there was final aquiescence and a 'snaap - snaap!' of the rubberband for behavior modification.

I look forward to the coming days and more lessons in not complaining!