Evan's Update

For those of you who were not in the Connections Service last week, Evan Sharpe is a kid who is 9 years old and had a cancerous tumor in his brain. Surgery was yesterday. Here is the update.

Dear Friends,

Evan’s surgery lasted about 4+ hours this afternoon; his parents, Dave and Rhonda reported the following (my general summary) after their meeting with the surgeon, about 6:30 pm this evening:

  • The surgeon was able to remove about 70% of the tumor, which was found to be malignant, as expected. It is a very aggressive type, that grows rapidly.
  • The tumor was located deep in the center of the brain. The surgeon believes that he was able to avoid the areas that control speech and memory.
  • Evan did experience two strokes, caused by the depth of the surgery needed to remove the tumor. This is expected to cause paralysis on his left side for a period of time. Children usually recover most of their movement, eventually, from this kind of brain trauma. The doctors are hopeful that Evan will be able to walk again with a slight limp.
  • The doctors plan to do another brain scan in a day or two to better determine how much of the tumor remains; they plan to start chemotherapy in two weeks, or possibly sooner, to attack the remaining tumor.
  • The doctors acknowledge that the survival rate for a child with this kind of tumor is 10%.
  • The surgeon is “cautiously optimistic” for a successful outcome.

There were at least 40 family members and friends present in the Children’s hospital lobby when Dave delivered his report. I understand that many from the community participated in the prayer vigil all afternoon at the hospital. I’m confident that Dave, Rhonda and their family appreciate the outpouring of love and support from all.

Please continue praying for Evan’s treatment and recovery, wisdom for the doctors and strength for his family.

Please also pass this message on to others in your network(s) who would appreciate this update.