Global Summit at CCC

Each year at CCC we have what is called our Global Summit. This is the new and modern name for what used to be called a World Missions Conference or Mission Festival. Regardless of the name, our 2010 Global Summit is almost here and will be running from June 6 - 9.

So what are a few of the highlights that I am looking forward to as this time approaches? Here are a few of my thoughts.

Our Keynote Speaker. Our main speaker is the Pastor of a large Christian & Missionary Alliance church in Baghdad, Iraq. I'm not even going to say his name since this blog is on the internet, but this is a guy I can't wait to hear speak. I've seen a video of him speaking and he has amazing stories about God's faithfulness and the power of the gospel in Iraq and the Middle East.

Stories of God's work from around the world. Dr. Bret MacLean, who is the Pediatrics doctor working at the hospital in Mali, will be speaking at the Sarpy campus on Sunday morning and then will be our guest speaker on Tuesday evening. I can't wait to hear his stories and see his pictures of how they are saving the lives of women and children in Mali.

Also with us will be Ed & Julie Mangham from Jordan, Lisa Reynolds working in a very difficult place in Central Asia, and then Carey Schlieker who has been working in Africa and the Middle East. They will all be speaking at different times and sharing stories of God's faithfulness.

Impact on our young people. I hear stories all the time from teenagers and adults who reflect back and say they were first moved towards or called into missions when they heard a missionary come speak at a mission's conference. Our children are going to get lots of face time with our missionaries and I cannot wait to hear years from now how God impacted them towards missions at our 2010 Global Summit.