update from the China Orphanage team

Greetings from Beijing! We are so grateful for your prayer support as we trained Chinese leaders on how to work with children in their places of worship. The group of 19 trainees included men and women from Beijing and beyond. They were so appreciative of the methods that were presented by several from the team.

We demonstrated several storytelling methods and activities that can be used in any size church setting with children. We trust that the work we did today encouraged the leaders and will impact many children.

The other members of the team spent their last day at the orphanage. Saying good-bye was not easy as the children have found their way into our hearts after only a few days. The kids loved the extra attention and lessons that we shared each day. We kept them busy with Bible stories, singing, coloring, watercoloring, parachute games, bean bag activities and more. I am not sure who is more tired from playing together, the kids or the adults! We emptied our suitcases of the supplies we brought with us to leave at the orphanage.

On Friday we complete our trip with sightseeing and a visit to another church in the area. It seems fitting to end our time in China the same way we began, meeting with other believers.