I'm not a Christian because...

Join us at Gathering this week as we launch a new series entitled Unbelievable! We'll explore major reasons why people have struggled to trust Christianity. Sometimes Christians can become insensitive to the objections of those not yet convinced that Christianity is for them. Seekers of truth are looking for interaction with Christians that is honest about the challenge of belief in God.

Whether you are a seeker of truth or a believer in God, it's worth the time and consideration to talk over issues like miracles, Christian hypocrisy, and proof for God's existence. Come add your voice to the conversation.

This week we'll experience a Gathering first - Director Tim Anstead will be kicking off the series by sharing his journey to belief. As a seriously skeptical seeker, Tim took the time to ask and answer every question about God he could think of. You'll find Tim's honest and keen mind a great encouragement as you sort through the question of belief for yourself. If you are a Christian, come find some helpful insight for how to talk with seekers you may have in your circle of friends, family and associates.

The last couple of weeks of the series we'll have the added bonus of hearing from our guest speakers from Access and the Worship Center. It's a great line-up of topics and speakers! Come on out, join us for lunch and fascinating discussions. Check out the following posts for the specifics. See you this Sunday!

Remember that you can always find MP3s of our Gathering series on the Gathering Media Page of the Christ Community web-site.