Hey Ladies...Test Time

On pg 23 in Michelle's book (last post) she suggests a simple self test and makes some comments on the options. Here it is:

How About You?

How have you been affected by the lie that your body must fit a certain standard in order to be accepted? Check all the following statements that apply to you:

  • I am critical of my body
  • When I look int he mirror, I first notice the parts of my body that I think are inadequate.
  • When I see images of "beautiful women" in the media, I compare myself to them.
  • As I get dressed and ready in the morning, I consider what other will think of my appearance.
  • I weigh myself frequently and am emotionally affected by the results.
  • The thought of being seen without makeup or hair done is scary to me.
  • When others compliment my appearance, I have a hard time believing it's true.
  • When I eat in front of other people, I wonder what they are thinking about me.
  • I tend to wear clothes that are baggy to hide my figure or tight clothes to show off my body in hopes of receiving attention.
  • If money were not object, I would have plastic surgery in a heartbeat.
  • I have often thought that becoming more beautiful would be the solution to some of life's challenges - my desires for romantic relationships, career success, popularity among friends or self-esteem.
  • In the past month I have spent a significant amount of money on beauty supplies.
  • I'm really bugged if the car is pulled too far forward in the garage.
Just kidding about that last one! I threw that one in there just to see if you were really taking this seriously. Come on out this weekend to Gathering. If you just can't wait to get a hold of Michelle's book, come by the church and I can get you a pretty good deal on your copy of it. We'll be selling them for $10 this weekend.