Mission Statement

Jesus – The Man Series – has been launched! Along with water balloons, water melons, DVD players, 2 Liters of coke etc. – dropped from a height of 60 ft.! Nail pounding competitions, sawzalls….No telling what might happen at CCC these days!

Well, on week one, we focused on Jesus mission. The challenge was for all of you to write your own mission statement. Remember these four things:
• 10 words or less, simple enough for a twelve year old to understand
• Captures the essence of what God created you for
• Gives inspiration for course correction
• Does not change based on context

If you have not done it yet, consider this a challenge to spend some time with God and write out your statement. Do it today!

Then inspire us all by emailing it in to missionstatement@cccomaha.org

Next week…Jesus Man of Honor!