Body Image - Not for Women Only!

Just want to put in a word for our upcoming series in Gathering entitled Skin Deep. Our guest presenter this upcoming Sunday is Michelle Graham. She's the author of above title on body image. Michelle comes to us from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - the ministry Mark Ashton and I worked for before coming here to CCC.

Check out Michelle's bio and come on out to Gathering this weekend. Michelle will bring copies of her book. Here's a quick look at the table of contents.

Oh, one last thing. NO, body image isn't just for women! Men, you are tied into this topic integrally. Michelle gets to talk to you week one, but guys, you're mine week two. Jerry Bussleman and I are going to look at the topic from the perspective of men. And NO, that week is not just for men, ladies!

1. The Lie We Buy: Beauty and Culture
2. Was Eve a 36C? Beauty and the Fall
3. When Beauty Becomes a Beast: Beauty and Consequences
4. Who's the Fairest of Them All? Beauty and Ethnicity
5. Who Are We Trying to Please? Beauty and Sin
6. Can I Still Keep My Favorite Lipstick? Beauty and Balance
7. Is There More Than Meets the Eye? Beauty and Character
8. Where Can I Get a Supernatural Makeover? Beauty and Freedom
Appendix: A Note About Eating Disorders