Oh, what a day!

I love getting to watch lives change before my very eyes.
In case you were not there, yesterday was Easter. We did what churches usually do on Easter - sang about, clapped for and taught the resurrection of Jesus. Only this year, there was a twist...we focused on the door of the tomb being blown open. Then we examined the many doors in our life that need to be blown off. And we invited men and women to courageously walk forward and symbolically step through a door (prop) in the front of the church if they needed resurrection power to blow the doors off of their life - in one of these categories:
* A new identity
* Freedom from enslavement to something
* Forgiveness/Radical Love
* A step into true faith

So, after the message, the music started playing, and the moment of truth occured. Would there be anybody who came forward? First one...then a second...eventually hundreds came forward seeking resurrection power! In 10:45, the aisles were packed, there was a log jam at the doors, people could not get in fast enough.

I don't know if I'll ever forget this Sunday. God did amazing work. Eternity was changed. People were forgiven. Marriages were healed. Identity was restored. Love was poured out. Jesus was right when he said "I am the door."