Haiti Report

Hey Church-

As many of you know, God opened the hearts of the CCC family for Haiti Relief and people gave $146,000 in January and February. Here is a report and a 'Thank You' from Phil Skellie, who directs our relief work. A big thanks to all of you!

Dear Mark,

I have just returned from overseas and am overwhelmed by the generous response of the Christ Community family to the situation in Haiti. Your partnership is a tremendous encouragement.

In addition to funding initial relief efforts through World Relief, SamaritanÕs Purse and YWAM, organizations which had infrastructure in Haiti, we have been working closely with the Alliance Haitian Association (AHA) to identify churches in need of long term reconstruction assistance. The AHA has identified 17 churches in Haiti which have links to the Alliance through Haitian Alliance pastors in the United States. Of those churches, at least 5 are in need of total rebuilding. In addition, church members and members of the community the church serves, lost homes, which we will be helping to rebuild.

CAMA has hired 2 persons to oversee the reconstruction effort. One is a Haitian Alliance pastor from Florida who is working with the 17 pastors in Haiti to form an association of Alliance churches in Haiti. The other is a former CAMA worker in Guinea, West Africa who speaks French and has extensive experience in relief and development contexts.

The President of the Alliance World Fellowship, Rev. Arie Verduijun, is visiting Haiti this month to help orient the Alliance related churches to Alliance history and theology. A short term ministry team with expertise in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also going this month to train Haitian pastors in how to counsel their congregations. Your congregation is a direct participant in all of these efforts through your prayer and giving.

Thank you again for your partnership with CAMA in responding to the Haiti earthquake. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry in Omaha and around the world. If you have further questions, feel free to call 719-265-2038.

With gratitude,

Phil Skellie, President of CAMA Services