"Who" do you see?

Hugues de Montalembert lost his sight 30 years ago when he burst in on two theives trashing his apartment. One of them threw paint remover in his face. The next morning, he was totally blind.

Cathleen McGuigan wrote an insightful review of "Invisible" Montalembert's memoir in a recent Newsweek article.

Cathleen wrote,
"De Montalembert is clear about the good fortune in his life. "The fact that I lost my sight is very spectacular," he says, "but there are things which are much more terrible." Hugues wears a cool-looking, custom-made steel mask in the shape of aviator glasses to cover his damaged eyes. In Paris one day, a Cambodian taxi driver extended his sympathy for de Montalembert's obvious plight. The author thanked him but remarked that there were "peopole much more wounded than me." The cabbie was silent and then said that his wife and children had been killed before his eyes in Cambodia. "So there he was," de Montalembert writes, "driving his cab in Paris with this huge wound that nobody could see. "

Cathleen insightfully closes her article with, "except, of course, for the man who was blind."

It is my prayer that we\me can slow down, ask questions and listen to others. Maybe then can we/me see those wounded around us.