update from El Salvador short-term team

On March 20th a team of 5 people from CCC traveled to El Salvador to share the gospel in public schools and they are also visiting an orphanage. This team is working with CCC missionaries Lance & Karina Grush and will return to Omaha on March 27th.

Below is an update from the team which consists of Billy Huber, Kelley Leidenthal, Maria Weaver, Jamie Sell, and Alejandro Duran.

Written by Kelley Leidenthal

I suppose I should start by saying that I have never in my ENTIRE life been on the receiving end of so many kisses. El Salvador is a country that loves to touch, or at least the El Salvadorians that I have met thus far.

El Salvador is also a very hot country so when I say that people love to touch, what I am really saying is that people love to swap sweat. When I am pressing my face into some kids cheek though, the last thing on my mind is why my lips are now wet. I just feel the love.

Its funny how kids don't have the defenses that we get as adults. Whether I am at the orphanage or doing ministry in schools, kids just crawl their way into your arms, and consequently into your heart.

Touch is one of those things; sometimes you like it and sometimes you don't. I am not normally big on public displays of affection, but here I think touch means something different.

Its a universal language that our Father has given us. A hug can mean welcome or it can mean God loves you.

As soon as we got out of the car at the Orphanage on Tuesday, mobs of kids were just hugging me: Abrazos and besos and manos y manos. At one point, while I was sitting in the shade, a little girl crawled into my lap and I wrapped my arms around her. She sat like that, like a baby, until she was too hot or maybe until she had enough. I couldnt help but think that this girl needed touch.

I think I needed to be touched too. Its moments like that, when you are cradling someone elses child where you feel most like a child yourself. I suppose its because in order to hold an orphan and feel strong, you have to be held by God.

Our time in El Salvador has been wonderful. Going in and out of schools and to the orphanage has been such a blessing. I really feel the power of God here. There have been numerous professions of faith and I believe that God is moving. God really is with us, working through our efforts.

But of course, that's what it says in the Bible. That God will not leave us as orphans. He promises to touch.