Trinity Unity

Many of you know that the mid to late 1970s were some of the darkest years for CCC. There was controversy and dissent around the use of Spiritual gifts. This dissent led to huge amounts of pain, gossip, infighting, and eventually to a church split.

The people who stayed were the Omaha Gospel Tabernacle (later, Christ Community Church). The people who left became Trinity Interdenominational Church. In the wake of this split was sin, and pain, and hurt on both sides.

The good news is that now, over 30 years later, there has been reconciliation. Real, deep, institutional reconciliation between the elders/people of Trinity and the elders/people of Christ Community.

This kind of extremely mature healing is very rare (unfortunately) in my Christian experience and in the church in general. We experienced an evening in December of 2008, then again just this last Tuesday, that I will not soon forget. It was amazing and I pray that it will make ripples all over the city and in the church in general.

If you'd like to see it, check out this link to see Les Beauchamp (Trinity's Pastor) and me in this amazing moment.