Spiritual Challenge in Omaha Tonight

Hey Church-

Here is the truth – with the heart of a pastor, I really want you to grow. I want you to blow past the barriers that have kept you in spiritual neutral for weeks, months, years. I want you to know the fullness of God in all his power. I want for you to have the opportunity to experience his might and strength, so that he can bless you with life abundant and deep/lasting change for your soul. I am looking forward to what God will do in me over the next couple of days.

So here’s a last minute reminder about the Conference tonight and tomorrow night with Peter Scazerro, Alliance Pastor and author of “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.” It is not just two nights of messages. It will actually kick off a whole set of challenges and bring huge resources to open you up to the power of God to change deep places in your life. You might choose to read a book, select certain issues to work on, go through a workbook, or change the way you spend time with God. Each of these has the potential to move you steps closer to the LIFE in Christ. I hope you come, hear what he has to say, hear from God and grow.

Here are the details:
• Tonight at 7pm, subject: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
• Tuesday at 7pm, subject: Going Deeper with God.
• You can do one night, but I’d recommend both
• We will experience worship together as well
• It is all totally free, but has huge life value

May God make us all more emotionally healthy and spiritually mature.