What Will Heaven Be Like?

I'm so excited I could just about explode! The more I think about heaven, the more my spiritual vision burns with hope, joy and anticipation! Do you feel that way?

You've probably heard the familiar slam on the adage: "Don't be so heavenly-minded you're no earthly good." Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth! Most people I know scurrying around trying to be busy and important, could use a heavenly two-by-four to the forehead. We all need to slow them down and infuse our striving madness with a good dose of heavenly reality. I don't know how anyone could make sense of earth WITHOUT the possibility of heaven on the horizon of our impossible schedules.

Come on out to Gathering this week as we launch head-long into a fascinating look at heaven. Here's a flavor for some of the questions we're going to start with this week:

1 - What's on the timeline between here-and-now...and then-and-there. What's gonna happen between the world as we know it now and the New Heavens and New Earth? Take a look at Rev 21 if you can before you come to Gathering.

2 - Rev 21 is a look at the eternal state, but what about now? What is the present experience of believers in heaven. Is the place we call heaven happening here and now? Who is in heaven right now as I'm reading this blog post? What is the intermediate state of a redeemed person who dies before the second coming of Jesus?

3 - Last and most important: What will my body be like in heaven? What will I do? Will I be bored? Will heaven be an ethereal or solid? What's the food going to be like? What was Jesus' resurrection body like and does that give us any clue about what we'll eat in heaven (better look up a little scripture on that one - see John 21 and Luke 24

Stay tuned to the blog as I get more stuff out about our topics. Come out this Sunday and bring your best questions! I'm the chump we all get to stump and I'm psyched about the topic!