Off to Mali!

One of the best parts of my position at CCC is that I occasionally get to visit a mission field. There is nothing quite like seeing first hand the amazing ministries that God is using around the world, and the people He is doing that ministry through.

On Saturday, March 6th, Nick Kelly, our Communications Director at CCC, and I will be joining a small team of Alliance Pastor's in Mali, West Africa, for a 10-day vision trip. If you have been at CCC for very long then you probably know that CCC has wrapped its heart around the country of Mali over the last 5 years.

Most of CCC's investment of time and people has been centered around the work at the Hospital for Women and Children in Koutiala, Mali. We will be spending a few days at the hospital strategizing with the team there about the future and how CCC can be involved. In addition to that we will also get to view several other growing ministries in Mali. Ministries such as the Bethal Bible College that is training Malian Pastors and the Rahab ministry that focuses on rescuing teenage girls from prostitution. We will also visit a prison ministry and of course we will get to see first hand the work of Sababu Manufacturing (a business built by our own Dusty & Julia Reynolds).

There are actually several more ministries we will visit, and I expect to report back on our trip through this blog. So keep an eye on this blog over the next 10 days as I hope to send several updates.


Craig Walter
Global Outreach Pastor