Bank Robber Turned Supreme Court Expert

So, this guy sent me an email this week. I met him on Sunday. This is all really true! And in the New York Times this week! Whoa!

"I just thought you would like to know that one of your attendees made the
New York Times this week. My name is Shon R Hopwood and the article about
my UNIQUE life story is at:
The article is also in today's print version.

The last 24 hours has been a whirlwind. KETV Chanel 7 interviewed me at
work yesterday for 2 hours. The story has made every major legal blog in
the country. I have had 5 book offers and 4 movie offers. Also, Harvard
University wants me to come and talk to their law students.

But the most amazing part is the fact that both I and my wife became
Christians this summer. We were married in August and had a baby boy on
Christmas day.

Talk to Steve Yost about me. He knows my family and my mother Becky very
well. We attended his church in Kearney during the 80's.

Just thought you may want to know this incredible news."