Anesthesia Machine to Mali (missions catalog update)

Last Sunday Pastor Mark shared with the congregation the final results of our first ever Missions Catalog here at CCC. I thought it was pretty cool listening to him talk about the people that were impacted by your generous giving. So I thought it would be a good idea if over the next several weeks I shared more details with you about that impact.

As you may recall, the catalog had items you could help purchase in five different mission fields, one of which was the Hospital for Women and Children in Mali, West Africa.
You gave $12,680 for the hospital, most of which will be used to help purchase a Portable Anesthesia Machine.

Since May 2006, the hospital has performed more than 1,000 surgeries. In a country where surgical options are extremely limited, the hospital is making a difference in the lives of many women and children through safe and skillful surgery. For surgeons to be able to do their job well, good anesthesia is vital. An anesthesia machine will allow the doctors to perform a wide variety of surgical cases that would not otherwise be possible.

As they add operating rooms to the hospital, having an additional anesthesia machine will be a huge asset since many surgeries require more than local anesthesia. If scheduled surgery is taking place in one operating room and an emergency surgical case arrives, they will not have to wait to help the person who needs emergency surgery because they will have not only an additional operating room, but also the tools needed for providing anesthesia in each operating room.

Thanks to your generous donations, this machine has already been ordered and will ship to Mali later this Spring (yes, Spring will eventually come).

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