Emotionally Healthy - More!

A person’s spiritual maturity is capped by their emotional health. In other words, we must learn to love God with our heart (emotion) AND soul (spirituality). The two are directly linked.
Emotional health can be described in many different ways, but here is one great one:
• Infant-Adolescence – “You meet my needs”
• Adolescence-Teen – “I learn to meet my own needs”
• Dating-early marriage – “I learn to meet my needs and one other person’s needs”
• Parenting Young Kids – “I learn to meet the needs of a group”
• Parenting Older Kids/beyond – “I learn to help groups and systems of people have their needs met.”
The more mature you become, the more able you are to be other-centered. Our natural bent is self-centeredness, but maturity necessitates replacing this bent with a God-centered bent. A person who is centered on God spends their time giving themselves away in love toward others for the sake of the kingdom. This is very difficult for those who are emotionally immature.
Now, it is certainly possible to be ‘saved’ from sins and the wreckage of your life at any of the above stages. Anybody can be forgiven of their past and assured of their future in Christ. The problem comes with reaching spiritual maturity when you are emotionally immature. So let’s imagine that somebody gets stuck in the infancy or teen stage. They are only thinking about their own needs. Their world revolves around themselves. All of us can think of people like this. Maybe it is you! Until they/you get unstuck, it will be very difficult for them to “Love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength… and love their neighbor as themselves.”
We must grow as a congregation – emotionally AND spiritually. If we hope to Double Our Impact, we must be healthy on the inside – as individuals and as a group. During the next few weeks, you can count on a couple of things to press us toward emotional health and spiritual maturity.
First, we will be launching a sermon series from the book of Philippians. It is entitled ‘Better Than Happy’. You can find out why by coming to the services beginning February 28. We will explore the full life in Christ as Paul described it in one of his most joy-filled and life-giving letters.
Second, we will be having a special two-night seminar – March 15-16 at 7pm. Our speaker will be the author of “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality,” Peter Scazerro. I am anticipating two phenomenal nights that will be a deep investment in the health of heart and soul. If you lead or serve at CCC, I encourage you to carve out time in your calendar to be there and be filled.