The Secret of the Kingdom

Last week in Jesus Class we hit on one of most baffling aspects of Jesus' teaching. Jesus can be so profoundly simple in portraying kingdom truth, while at the same time outstrip humanity's ability to conceive just what it is we're supposed to do with what he's telling us!

The parable of the sower and the seeds for example. One of Jesus' most familiar stories, sadly falls on ears and eyes that just don't hear or see. People flocked from everywhere in Jesus' day to get to where he was at. And when they showed up, what did they get? A story about a stupid farmer who plants seeds on sidewalks!

If you think you've got the secret of the kingdom figured out try this. Give Mark chapter 4 a read, but shut your bible after verse 9 and see if you can decipher the secret of the kingdom. Go ahead! I dare you.

By the time Jesus is done with the Twelve in the verses that follow...there's a slim chance some of them understand the secret. But if you're in Jesus' audience and you can't get past a story about seeds and soil, how will you understand anything else Jesus has to say?

Once you get the secret figured out, see if you can figure out why Jesus teaches in parables based on Isaiah 6:9-10. Isaiah was told he was going to have people who didn't want to hear him out, but to keep preaching anyway!'s anybody who does want to hear and understand ever going to get it with so many dense people in the crowd!

Ouch. That hurts, Jesus! Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

(hint: the secret is hidden in the questions. if you don't ask, you'll never really know)