Protesting what you have not seen

During the Super Bowl, Focus on the Family is planning to run an ad. The basic storyline behind the content is this:
* Tim Tebow's Mom was pregnant and caught an unusal bug in the Philippines
* The doctors recommended that Mrs. Tebow abort the baby
* She decided to carry the baby. It was healthy and grew up to be Tim Tebow, who we now know and love.

The ad is designed to be a feel-good story that affirms the family and the courageous women who choose to keep their babies.

Jehmu Greene, Women's Media Center President is putting pressure on CBS to abort the ad, so to speak. She has gone on Fox News to promote a position that because it comes from a pro-life source that the ad undermines CBS policies.

Now, nobody has seen the ad. Nobody knows whether any policies are being violated. Nobody knows what kind of reaction this will stir. Perhaps it will be a boost to women who are struggling to raise a child alone. Perhaps it will give strength to women who are choosing to have the baby. Perhaps it will decrease the number of abortions in our culture. Perhaps it will highlight a great family making a fabulous impact in this culture and the Philippines.

What is the potential downside? I can't see any!

Families could win. Babies could win. Courageous women will win. One thing is for sure...with all this extra publicity on the top of the world's most watched sporting event, CBS will win!

It could be the most interesting and talked about part of the superbowl. Sure beats a wardrobe malfunction.