Meals for Mali Testimonials

Over the last three years, CCC has partnered with the Malian national church's humanitarian organization (called ODES) to purchase, pack, ship, and distribute nearly 250,000 meals to Malian women and children in poverty. Here are just three of the thousands of stories of how these meals have changed the lives of the Malian people.

My name is Maimouna Poudiougo. I’m 23 years old and I am married. I’m the mother of two boys. My one son, Dramane, is 21 months old. At the age of one he began to lose weight and his arms and legs seemed to be getting thinner. My husband would often yell at me. He would accuse me of not giving our son enough milk, but I was doing all that I could. This conflict over my son’s health led to unhappiness in our home. It was at this time in our lives when Mr. Bakary Koita, an agent for ODES-Mali started intervening in our village. He helped to organize a small group where we had the opportunity to discuss some of our problems. He then introduced us to a program that they wanted to start in our village.

He explained how our children would be weighed and how that weight would be compared to others kids the same age to see if the child was within their weight range. When they weighed my son he was 5 kilograms (11 pounds). At that time he was 19 months old. My son and I were admitted into the program. After starting to eat the rice meals I could tell there was a difference in my son. He was finally growing and he looked healthy again. He really liked the rice meals and ate well. After one month he was weighed again and this time he weighed in at 10 kilograms (22 pds). I rejoice for my son’s health and I can now live at peace knowing that my husband will not be able to accuse me any longer. I take this opportunity to thank you, all the partners of Mr. Bakary.

My name is Salimata Poudiougo. I’m 32 years old and am married. I have 6 children, 2 of which are girls. ODES allowed me to weigh my little children. In this picture I’m holding Fatoumata who is 21 months old. At the initial weigh in she was 5 kilograms (11 pds) and I was told that she was very behind developmentally. She was admitted into the food program and after just a few days of eating the rice packets there was a huge change in her appearance and demeanor. This continued on progressively throughout the month and I watched my child transform in front of me. She regained her appetite and after one month she had gained 3 kilograms (6.6 pds). I want to thank ODES and all those that contributed to the wellness of my daughter. You have done well. My prayer is that God will repay you with the goodness you have shown me. Thank you.

The child in this picture is Ousmane Saye. His father is Amagana Saya. Ousmane is 12 months old and it was about 6 months ago that we started to notice that he was depressed. From morning to night he was not happy. He seemed to be sick, but he had no fever or other symptoms. It was in this state the he was weighed by ODES along with the other children in the village. I was told that he was mal-nourished and that he was being entered into a program that would help him. He went from weighing 6.5 kilograms (14 pds) to 7.5 kilograms (16 pds) after just one month of eating the rice meals. He is now a happy little boy and I’m so thankful for all that ODES has done in helping our children.

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