Jake's Funeral

Maybe you saw it on the news last night. Jake Herweyer, former Millard West student, popular wrestler, whose parents attend CCC, died in a tragic car accident. He graduated last spring. As an athlete, he helped Millard West to a state championship in football. In wrestling, he finished his senior season 38-1.

But far more important than his athletics is the fact that God was turning his life around. Since a stay in the hospital in June, Jake had immense personal, moral and spiritual growth. He began attending Calvary Chapel, which meets at Millard North. He heard the words of life. He trusted Christ. His parents even heard Christian music replacing the normal, well, "nasty-stuff" coming out of his ever-present headphones that he slung around his neck.

He had been headed down a dark path until Jesus, the light of the world crashed in with hope, words of life and power.

He was only 18 years old. Think about it. People at that age rarely think about death. But Jake did his business with God. He reached out and took Jesus' nail-scarred outstretched hand and let him pull him out of his muck. Jake experienced new life for a short time on planet earth, but will spend eternity with Jesus, me, and billions who trusted Him - in a kingdom with no more crying or mourning or death or pain. Jake has a new body, a new mind, and direct contact with the living God of the universe who loves him and fills him up.

So you're reading this blog...you don't know when you'll flip a car and breathe your last. If you've never asked the spiritual questions, perhaps this moment can serve as a sobering moment for you.

Have you done business with God? Have you trusted the one who took the nails to forgive you and bring you life? Have you found his ultimate life by putting yourself in his hands? If not, you need to. And there is no time like the present. Jake made the right moves in the past few months and all heaven rejoices over him!

You may need to stop right now and pray. God wants to forgive your past and pave the road for your future. God wants to lead your life and give you his blessings. Tell him that you trust him and want him in every aspect of your life. Then get around some followers of Jesus who 'get it' and ask them to help you grow in your faith.

And while you're praying, please pray this week for the parents, Denny and Elaine, Jake's sister Jenna and Jake's brother Trevor. They are going to need strength, encouragement, and comfort in these very difficult times. Pray for me, and the other Pastor - Todd from Calvary Chapel - as we officiate the service and try to bring hope from desperation. Friday, 3pm at CCC.