Book Review - Think Orange

Think Orange by Reggie Joiner is a book I read this week. It is an outstanding book. Definitely the best I have read in 2010 :)

The basic premise is this: In the church, there are dozens of hours a year to be involved in the spiritual formation process of a child (about 75 hours at CCC). At home, a parent has over 3000 hours to influence a child in a given year. Many churches make the false assumption that the church is the primary place children grow in their faith.

Joiner posits the question "What if the family and the church partnered together in significant ways to mold the next generation?" What if resources and training were made available for parents of kids? What if programming was adapted to include parents in the preparation of the kids, or the event itself, or the follow up? What if resources were given to parents to accelerate the spiritual depth of their kids along the normal rhythms of life?

Think Orange not only gives me good memories of the Fighting Illini, but it is also humorous, insightful and asks challenging questions about raising a generation of kids who will cling to Jesus through college years and into the future. A must-read for childrens ministry workers and high recommendation for parents, kids ministry volunteers, and other church staff.