First 2010 Mali Team is Off!

The first of three short-term teams that will be heading to Mali over the next four weeks just left today (Friday, January 22nd). This team is being led by Pastor Dusty White and includes the following guys:

Dusty White
Glen Beed
DJ Hornacek
Mervin Johnson
Chuck Rezac
Chad Swanson
Robert Williams

They will be doing some construction and remodeling of the ODES headquarters in the capital city of Bamako. ODES is an organization that is run by the C&MA; national church in Mali. ODES provides compassionate and humanitarian aid to the Malian people. For instance, when CCC sent food to Mali in the Meals for Mali project over the last few years, it was the people in ODES that distributed those meals.

Be praying for these guys that they will be healthy, safe, and have real Kingdom impact while they are in Mali. Dusty will be sending some updates via email and they will be posted on this blog, so keep reading.

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