CMA stats - Good News/Bad News

Christ Community Church is a part of a broader family called the Christian and Missionary Alliance (a.k.a. The Alliance or CMA). This week, I have been spending time at a conference for Alliance pastors with churches over 900 attenders. Also at the conference is Gary Benedict, the president of the Alliance, his VP - John Soper, and various board members.

Here are some great stats I heard this week that I thought I would pass on:

The Alliance is the largest denomination that has positive growth. Some smaller denominantions are growing faster, but no larger denominations are growing at all.

The Alliance has 26 districts and 2050 churches. If you remove the fastest 2 growing churches in each district (totaling 52), we are shrinking.

A traditional church plant takes 6 years and $800,000 of outside support until it is healthy and self-sustaining. A multisite takes $250,000 and under 2 years.

The Great Commission Fund, (which funds our 800+ missionaries) is in the black by 2% for the first time in many years.

in 2009, the Alliance grew by 11,000 people. We started 44 churches averaging 100 people each and shut down 38 churches that average 20 people each.

In Haiti, there are 150 indigenously led Alliance churches. Our CMA efforts will do our giving through these churches as well as World Releif.

Ralph Winter, one of the leading missiologists of the last 50 years said this "The Alliance is the ONLY denomination tha has successfully planted missionary-sending churches in foreign nations."