Joiner on Churches

I’ve been reading a book by Reggie Joiner this week; “Think Orange.” It is actually about impacting the next generation by combining the forces of church and home. But the quote I like best so far is about critiquing other churches.

“Some leaders suggest that institutional churches can never be relational
That traditional churches can never be relevant,
That megachurches can never be intimate,
that attractional churches are not missional,
that missional churches don draw people,
that emergent churches never teach anything substantial,
that seeker churches don’t have depth,
and that organic churches don’t have any direction.

We love to neatly package another leader’s style of church into a box and label it irregular or defective. We accuse the church we abandoned and defend the version we have customized. No one is more opinionated about church models than I am.
Throughout my life, I have realized God is doing something in a lot of different styles of church. We need to be careful about demonizing those who don’t practice church the way we do and learn from every version of church whose mission is to lead people into a better and more authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. God is a lot bigger than our definitions or labels, and I am sure He is not worried about how your church compares to the one down the road.”