Britt Hume & Tiger Woods

When asked what advice Hume would give to Tiger Woods, Hume suggested that the golfer "consider converting to Christianity." Brit Hume then commented on Tiger being Buddhist and said "I don't think that faith [Buddhism] offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith."

As you would imagine, that bold statement got Mr. Hume in a lot of hot water. Many denounced Hume's words as evidence of chauvinism, bigotry and gross stupidity.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times defended Hume as not being a bigot. He said, "Indeed, his claim about the difference between Buddhism and Christianity was perfectly defensible. Christians believe in a personal God who forgives sins. Buddhists, as a rule, do not."

Douthat stated in his column,

The differences between religions are worth debating. Theology has conseuences: It shapes lives, families, nations, cultures, wars; it can change people, save them from themselves and sometimes warp or even destroy them. If we tiptoe politely around this reality, then we betray every teacher, uru and philosopher - including Jesus of Nazareth and the Buddha both - who ever sought to resolve the most human of all problems: How then should we live?

Personally, I appreciate Brit Hume unapologetically wading into the reality of seeing how religion can be practically "applied" to real life situations. Ross Douthat and I agree, "the debate he started is worth having, in fact it is the most important one there is."

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