How do we even pray for Haiti?

Every Thursday morning our staff here at CCC gets together for prayer. This last week one of the items we of course prayed for is the situation in Haiti.

As we sat there in our small groups praying, I realized that I was struggling to know just how to pray for them. Their situation is so overwhelming and big that my prayers seemed trite.

In the end, I realized that it doesn't matter how big or tragic something is from our perspective, it never catches God by surprise. He knew exactly what would happen and he cares deeply about each and every person affected.

So this brought me back to my original question, how should I pray for Haiti?

There isn't just one right answer, but in my case I prayed that God would use this in amazing ways to bring an amazing number of people into the Kingdom. It is one of the ironic realities of humanity that it is often pain, suffering, and tragedy that draws us to God, so my prayer is that this tragedy would do just that.

I firmly believe that lost people matter to God and He wants them found.

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