99 Answers

Just thought I'd swat out a quick resource that you might find interesting in connection with the Lucifer series coming to Gathering this weekend. I've been reading up on the topic a good bit the past few weeks and found this book one of the best on the topic. Here's a sampling of the questions Dr Oropeza deals with:

#4 - When were angels created?
#10 - What are the archangels?
#28 - What are demons?
#29 - What is the origin of demons?
#35 - Are there different ranks within the kingdom of darkness?
#41 - Was Satan once a beautiful angel named Lucifer?
#42 - How did Satan fall?
#52 - How powerful is Satan?
#63 - What are some of the strategies of of the Devil?
#67 - How do we resist Satan and his demons?

A list of 99 really isn't all that hard to come up with after all! Look up the book and the author sometime this week and bring some of YOUR 99 questions to Gathering this weekend!