Husker/Creighton Athletes at CCC

On January 24, we'll be joined by some great athletes at our CCC services. Not only are they great athletes, but they will be a great inspiration to live out your faith as well!

Josh Dotzler is a former Creighton All-Star. Wearing the #12 on his jersey, he regularly led the team in assists and steals. His maturity and stability carried the team in tough situations and in finishing games with a win. Josh was raised in North Omaha in a godly family with 13 siblings. After finishing his time at Creighton, he put away his jersey and began investing in his old neighborhood as a pastor. Despite the challenges of violence and poverty, Pastor Josh consistently invests in a youth-driven church called "The Bridge" at the corner of 30th and Lake.

Roy Helu Jr. is a Junior at the University of Nebraska, where he is earning fame as an outstanding halfback. With over 1100 yards on 220 carries, his season has been nothing short of outstanding. Roy would tell you that his life has turned around in major ways in the past three years since leaving his past in a violent city in California. He has come into a relationship with Christ and is as passionate about growing in his faith as he is about football.

Each of these young athletes/men-of-God will be sharing with us on January 24 in our Old Mill services. Sarpy will show the DVD on January 31. They will be a part of our "Fear" series - with a message on "Fear of Violence."