Martyrdom Today

Gavin Johnson spoke at the Sarpy campus last Sunday. Based on John 1 Gavin pointed out how God is a Missionary God. He also pointed out that the Christmas Story is actually a missionary story and that Jesus came from Heaven in what can be considered the greatest missionary journey!

Gavin also pointed us to to find out more information about missions and the current state of world religion, needs and unreached people.

It was in that website that I came across interesting statistics about the history of martyrdom. Each total includes the cumulative martyrs to date since AD33

AD33 to 500 - 2.1 million
AD501 to 950 - 2.8 million
AD951 to 1350 - 11.8 million
AD1351 to 1500 - 17.3 million
AD1501 o 1750 - 21.9 million
AD1751 to 1815 - 22 million
AD1816 to 1914 - 24 million
AD1915 to 1950 - 56 million
AD1951-2000 - 69 million

From AD 33 to 1914 24 million Christians died for their faith
Since AD1915 an additional 45 million Christians died for their faith in Christ. That means more Christians were martyered in the 1900's than all the prvious centures combined.

This means that today over 400 Christians will die for their faith in Christ.


God, stop me if I complain about ministry pressures and schedules. Give me joy to serve and a heart willing to die for You.

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